Beaufort County Young Democrats North of the Broad



The Beaufort County Democratic Party North of the Broad Club website (potentially) is finally here!  This website/social media model was proposed in the hopes that it would inspire a more engaged and a more informed local electorate.  If you as a Young Democrat, Democrat South of the Broad, Democrat in General or just voter like this proposed website and its social media links show your approval by liking or following.

You don’t have to be a Democrat to show your approval.  You can still share our web home/blog/website with your “independent” *wink, wink* friends.

Post script
Whereas the Beaufort County North of the Broad Club would like to encourage all voters to engage in not just the General Election process, the Midterm Election process but also in in the primary political process we resolve as Democrats to do the following:

….put South Carolinians and all Americans back to work.
…ensure for now and future generations accessible, affordable healthcare and close South Carolina’s ACA coverage gap.
…strengthen Social Security and Medicare for seniors.
…and keep America SAFE!

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